Student Awards and Honors


CBE PhD candidate Yanghua He of the Wu research group was recently published in Energy and Environmental Science, the Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Congratulations to the Winners of 2018 Graduate Research Symposium Poster Contest


PhD candidate Aref Shahini, of the Stelios Andreadis research group, was selected for Glenn/AFAR Scholarship for Research in the Biology of Aging.


Emmanuel Nsengiyumva has won the 2018-19 Western New York Prosperity Fellowship.


PhD candidate Nicholas Moscatello, of the Blaine Pfeifer research group, was selected as a recipient of the Dean’s Graduate Achievement Award.


Ogechi Ogoke has won the 2018-19 Western New York Prosperity Fellowship.


PhD student Nima Shahkaramipour from the Haiqing Lin research group has been awarded The Waste Management Research and Study Scholarship from The Air & Waste Management Association. In addition, Shahkaramipour won 1st Place Student Poster Award at 2018 North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Conference.


Mojtaba Haghighatlari and Mohammad Atif Faiz Afzal won the NSF Travel Award to attend and present posters at the Machine Learning in Science and Engineering (MLSE) Conference in Pittsburgh from June 6 to June 8, 2018. 


Fatou Cisse, UB CBE undergraduate student, has be selected as 2017-2018 NASA/ New York Space Grant Consortium Fellow.


The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering hosted a Scholarship Reception on May 2, 2018 for UB CBE undergraduate students.

On February 20 2018, UB CBE Undergraduate students attended the Order of the Engineer Induction Ceremony to take their pledge and receive their rings, which symbolize their dedication to upholding the standards and dignity of the engineering profession.

PhD student Lingxiang Zhu from the Haiqing Lin research group, has been selected as one of three recipients of the 2018 NAMS Student Fellowship Awards.


Membranes Boost Production of Green Hydrogen Fuel with CO2 Capture. PhD Graduate Lingxiang Zhu publishes in Energy and Environmental Journal


Development of electrochemical energy technology solves environmental concerns. PhD student Hanguang Zhang of the Wu research group was recently published in the Journal of The American Chemical Society.


PhD student Yang Liu published a paper in Journal of the American Chemical Society providing a better understanding of the relationships among composition, morphology and crystal structure for copper sulfide-based nanocrystals, but also a pathway to a previously inaccessible nanostructure.


Milad Yavari received 2017 Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) Student Award


UB PhDs Charles Jones and Mahmoud Ahmadi win 2nd place in Panasci competition


UB CBE alumni and student take top prize at Bright Buffalo Niagara Competition


UB CBE PhD Student Mohammad Atif Faiz Afzal was awarded the American Physical Society Distinguished Student Travel Award


UB CBE Graduate Students Mohammad Atif Faiz Afzal and Haotian Sun are MDRF awardees