Career Opportunities for Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers deal with the transformation of raw materials into useful products that have an impact on virtually every facet of human life.

The more you explore what chemical engineers do, the more interesting the story terms of both the science and technology, and how this knowledge translates into the real world.

Chemical Engineer posing laboratory in front of experimental equipment.

Chemical engineers work inside labs, and outside in the field.

Chemical engineers work on problems of energy conservation and environmental pollution, by developing new ways to store energy and clean up the ocean. Several work in the biological area, finding ways to cure chronic disease and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies. Chemical engineers also develop products from commodities obtained from oil and natural gas, such as soaps, detergents, cosmetics, liquid and gaseous fuels, synthetic fibers and plastics. While the petrochemical industry will continue to provide employment for many scientists and engineers, chemical engineers must be prepared to participate in the development of the newer and emerging technologies, such as those based on ceramics, biochemicals, and electronic materials.

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