Our program is broadly based to prepare graduates for positions in engineering development, design, economic evaluation, sales, construction, production, and management. 

A number of undergraduates go on to graduate work and careers in research, and some pursue degrees in medicine, business, or law. Students intending to major in chemical engineering should have strong backgrounds in chemistry and mathematics.

Thinking About CBE?

Chemical engineers deal with the transformation of raw materials into useful products that have an impact on virtually every facet of human life.
Many of our undergraduate students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and awards.
Our undergraduate programs are accredited and prepare students for graduate study and/or professional practice. 

Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Science degree gives you the knowledge and skills you need to understand and design chemical, biological and advanced material products and processes.
We offer a five-year program leading to a joint bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and master's degree in business administration.

Once You’re Here

At UB, your life as an undergraduate will be an amazing journey. You have the freedom to chart your own path and our support to make it happen. Because UB is more than a university. We’re your academic home.

We are here for you every step of the way. Really. See everything we do to keep you perfectly on track for a timely graduation.
Reaching out beyond the classroom will help you develop professionalism and a practical perspective by connecting you to the real world. Continuous, experiential learning increases your technical competence and prepares you for your future career.