Research News

All the latest news from CBE faculty and student researchers.

Rudiyanto Gunawan, an associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, is the lead PI of a recent National Science Foundation award to establish an Institute for Data-Intensive Research in Science and Engineering (DIRSE).

Assistant Professsor Elina Kyriakidou has been awarded a $1.2 million grant from U.S. DOE-NREL for low temperature CH4 conversion by developing a novel aftertreatment system for future natural gas vehicles using palladium-based catalysts.

Haiqing Lin, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is helping Helios-NRG develop efficient, long-lasting membranes for inexpensively separating algae and water.
There is broad interest in developing membrane systems for handling wastewater from a diverse array of sources (e.g., household wastewater, drainfields). The ideal membrane permits pure water to permeate through and rejects contaminants. The permeated water is then reused, reducing the impact of the wastewater on the environment.
The goal of this project is to develop advanced membrane materials for CO/N separation, which can be adapted to membrane processes for CO capture from fossil fuel-fired power plants, cement plants, steel plants and other industrial facilities. 

Widely available and inexpensive, the metal could lead to a renewable energy boom.


Using human stem cells, his lab is developing technologies and tools to grow personalized, three-dimensional internal organs, such as the liver and pancreas.


Gang Wu has received an award from the National Science Foundation for his " Designing Nitrogen Coordinated Single Atomic Metal Electrocatalysts for Selective CO₂ Reduction to CO" project.


Membranes Boost Production of Green Hydrogen Fuel with CO2 Capture. PhD Graduate Lingxiang Zhu publishes in Energy and Environmental Journal


Johannes Hachmann has been awarded the NSF CAREER award for his project, entitled "Building an Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for the Data-Driven Design of Chemical Systems and the Exploration of Chemical Space".