IE 101: Discover Industrial and Systems Engineering

Your first look into industrial and systems engineering.

Discover Industrial and Systems Engineering (IE 101) is a one credit hour course designed to give students a first look into industrial and systems engineering as both a college major and a career choice. This course has no prerequisites and is intended for freshman and sophomores in engineering who wish to gain an appreciation for the ISE field.

The “Discover ISE” course starts with a brief historical perspective, then covers the broad application areas and methodologies of the ISE discipline. Each member of the ISE faculty teaches a class, which provides students with real life information about the current day practice, careers, employers, and the role of ISEs in integrated systems design. The specific objectives of the course are to review:

  • The discipline and practice of ISE
  • The domain areas, modeling methods, and solution techniques available to an ISE
  • The design, production, and delivery/distribution process for goods and services
  • Role of ISEs in variety of information, man-machine, financial, and service systems
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