Our faculty members and students are engaged in research that applies scientific, mathematical, and computer techniques to design, model, analyze, and improve complex systems.

Research Areas

We engage in interdisciplinary research aimed at optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of security and defense systems. Much of our work has focused on the development of solutions to optimize the use of sensor networks, including unmanned vehicles using operations research and data fusion methods.

Research in this area focuses on modeling emergency operations in hospitals, rapid product prototyping and nano-manufacturing methods for biomedical engineering, modeling the functional abilities of wheeled mobility device uses for rehabilitation engineering, and injury risk reduction.

Transportation and logistics research in ISE focuses on routing and delivery scheduling, transportation safety, intelligent transportation systems, modeling of pricing policies for traffic networks, and manufacturing logistics. 

We are committed to research addressing 21st-century manufacturing, including research in novel additive manufacturing processes, biomedical materials and manufacturing, and optimizing design for sustainability and re-manufacture/reuse.

Interdisciplinary research and education activities in critical infrastructure resilience enhance the resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructures under the impact of climate change. 

Research Labs and Facilities

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    ISE has high quality facilities to support research across the range of industrial systems and engineering disciplines including physical and cognitive ergonomics research, data intensive/computational research, and advanced manufacturing.