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See the directory for a complete list of departmental faculty and staff. 

Your request can be served best if you send the message to the most appropriate address:

Name Email Address Purpose
Victor Paquet, Chair Departmental affairs or research
Harrison Kelly, Director of Undergraduate Studies


Questions specific to undergraduate program
Jun Zhuang, Director of Graduate Studies Questions specific to graduate program
Sabrina Casucci, Director of Engineering Management Questions specific to Engineering Management program
Carly Duszynski, Undergraduate Coordinator

Questions regarding undergraduate student advisement, program administration, social media/ website and marketing, event planning and staffing

Kathrine Ohms, Director of Administration Questions regarding financial management, personnel matters, administrative and space issues.
Deanie Hedrick, Department Administrative Assistant Questions regarding purchasing, seminar and department announcements, and event planning
Sean McCabe, Graduate Coordinator Questions regarding graduate student support, student appointments, CPT, event planning and staffing.
Meredith Volker, Coordinator, Student recruitment and Academic Programs Program Recruitment, course scheduling, and Engineering Management course support

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Bell Hall.

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
342 Bell Hall
University at Buffalo, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-2050
Phone: (716) 645-2357