Explore minors to complement your bachelor's degree in industrial engineering.

  • Minor in Human Factors & Ergonomics
    People are increasingly required to control and interact with advanced new technologies in safety-critical domains such as health care, transportation and manufacturing. This minor provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the methods, processes and theories related to human factors and ergonomics engineering that can be applied to optimize human productivity, safety, security and comfort through design.
  • Minor in Manufacturing
    With the expansion of the manufacturing enterprise and advancements in technology, there is increased demand for workers skilled in the methods, processes and technologies related to the analysis and design of manufacturing systems.
  • Minor in Operations Research
    Operations research is devoted to the use of analytical and quantitative methods to help inform decisions made in complex systems. This minor allows students to develop the required skills in analytical methods and optimization required to apply operations research in health care, military, transportation, energy and other systems.
  • Minor in Quality Engineering
    As product and service delivery systems become more competitive in the global market, ensuring high quality is of utmost importance. Quality Engineering is a discipline devoted to ensuring that the quality of goods or services are maximized through systematic testing, evaluation, and statistical analysis.