Undergraduate Student Ambassadors

About the Ambassadors

The SEAS Undergraduate Student Ambassadors are a diverse group of students from our departments who are enthusiastic about SEAS and UB and want to share their experiences and all that the university has to offer.

When visiting campus, you may see our ambassadors volunteering at recruitment events like our Open House, Discovery Day, Accepted Student Days, Friday Engineering Tours, and other events. If you see them, say hello and feel free to ask them your questions about SEAS and UB!

Meet the Ambassadors

Industrial Engineering Major
Binghamton, NY
Mechanical Engineering Major
Kolkata, India
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Major
Clifton Springs, NY
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Major
Strykersville, NY
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Major
Elma, NY
Computer Engineering Major
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Major
Pune, India