Guidelines for Mentoring Associate Professors

Optionally (but highly suggested) a mentor should be assigned to each Associate Professor (separate from the department chair). Associate Professors should work with their assigned mentor to further their academic career in SEAS and to move to the goal of promotion to the rank of Professor. We recommend the following 3-step process:

  1. As input to the meeting (step 2), Associate Professors should (a) update their CV; (b) update their webpage; (c) provide google scholar and other citation index counts; (c) provide an updated impact statement about research and scholarly achievements; (d) provide a set of peer individuals in their field at AAU public or equivalent universities.
  2. Yearly meetings held by Full Professors, where every Associate Professor who is 3 years or beyond their promotion is discussed for possible promotion consideration to the rank of Full Professor.
  3. After the meeting, the department chair will summarize the discussion and provide written guidance to each Associate Professor, regarding what they need to do to achieve the step of promotion to the rank of Full Professor.

Effective May 1, 2015