Dossier Instructions

The department and SEAS units will assemble the dossiers for candidates applying for tenure and promotion. However, it is important that the candidate be aware of the university recommendations regarding research, teaching and service statements, and basic elements of the CV. For a complete description, review the instructions from the President’s Review Board. Below is a summary and links to templates created for SEAS faculty.

  • Research Statement: This should be a concise description, no more than 3 PAGES, of the candidate’s research. 
  • Service Statement: This should be a concise description, no more than 2 PAGES. It is important to recognize the three categories of service acknowledged by the university and to construct the Statement of Service accordingly. They include, in order of importance for the promotion review, Professional/Public Service, University Service, and Community Service. 
  • Teaching Statement:  The Teaching Portfolio consists of two parts: the candidate’s statement about teaching and an appendix (supplemental) that selectively documents course materials and evidences of innovative teaching developments and other supporting materials. For convenience and effectiveness of peer review, the entire Portfolio should be in the range of 20 pages, with the candidate’s statement in the range of 3 PAGES. )
  • Quantitative Teaching Evaluations: The results of course/teaching evaluations by students should be included in the dossier and presented in a standardized summary or tabular form, with an analysis of the summary as part of the Chair’s letter. This summary is generated by Tableau and will reflect the data from the university’s evaluation system. The raw data will also be included for the SEAS committee to review, so please make sure you’ve provided those records to your department administrator. Averaged results, based on data from the Department, College, or School, should be presented as a basis for comparing the candidate’s individual teaching effectiveness with other faculty in the unit. Letters from current and former students (in addition to those solicited for Item 9 of the checklist), reports of student or faculty teaching evaluation committees, the placement and career record of former students, and similar materials may be included here. These should not be redundancy of materials selected for the Teaching Portfolio (see Item 7 of the checklist), and should be formatted according to a year-by-year chronology.

Last updated November 10, 2022