SEAS Faculty & Staff Award Descriptions and Criteria

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences recognizes faculty and staff excellence through an awards program. Recipients are nominated by fellow faculty/staff and vetted by the SEAS Faculty Awards Committee or the SEAS Staff Awards Committee. 

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Faculty Awards

SEAS for JEDI Best Teaching Early Career Researcher Early Career Teacher Senior Researcher Senior Teacher

SEAS for JEDI Faculty Award


This award recognizes faculty and staff members who are outstanding advocates for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in SEAS. A maximum of two awards will be made each year.


Each Chair may nominate up to two persons from his/her department for this award. A cover letter from the Chair (maximum 1 page) and recent CV (maximum 3 pages) must accompany the nomination, together with a citation paragraph which states succinctly why the individual being nominated is worthy of the award. The nominee's name (with nomination materials) will be forwarded to the Dean for final approval.  


Efforts may include the following:

  • Collaboration with colleagues in SEAS, across campus or beyond
  • Leadership in identifying and dismantling barriers to JEDI for students, faculty, or staff in SEAS
  • Innovations that advance JEDI in SEAS
  • Modeling a culture of inclusion and belonging through one’s own professional interactions and relationships
  • The creation of a project, initiative or program that supports and uplifts marginalized SEAS students, faculty, or staff

Note: Colleagues who do diversity work as part of their professional responsibility are eligible to be nominated. However, nominators must detail how nominees have exceeded expectations in relation to the award criteria as well as how they have gone over and above their professional responsibility to advance JEDI in SEAS.

Deadline: February 15

Staff Awards


Nominees may be individuals or teams. With supportive examples, describe why and how the nominee(s) demonstrate(s) excellence in relation to the award criteria. Please submit a document that addresses the following:

  1. Nominee(s) Name(s), Department(s), Job Title(s), Supervisor Name(s)
  2. Nominator (can be staff or faculty) Name(s), Department(s), Title(s)
  3. Duration of time you have worked with nominee(s)
  4. Describe how the nominee(s) demonstrates excellence in relation to the award criteria. (maximum 2 pages)
  5. Nominee(s) may be full or part time (minimum .5 FTE), from any classification, and any paid entity.
  6. No re-nomination for a minimum of 3 years for any award category for all prior awardees.
  7. Email Shannon Phillips ( to alert her that you plan to nominate a colleague(s), and cc the nominee’s supervisor. 
  8. Nominations are uploaded to a secure Box folder. 

Deadline for all
Staff Awards:
February 16th

SEAS for JEDI Dean's Award Rising Star Excellence in Student Support Outstanding Leadership

Dean’s Award for Staff Excellence


Recognizes a staff member whose extraordinary contributions and exceptional achievements reflect superior performance and have enriched SEAS.


5 or more years of service in SEAS

  • Exemplary execution of professional responsibilities in one’s department, unit, or the school. 
  • Outstanding achievements should have either direct or indirect schoolwide impact.  An example of direct impact might be advising first-year SEAS students. An example of indirect impact might be exemplary performance as a director of administration who provides mentorship for colleagues or models excellence for other SEAS departments and staff.
  • Builds cooperation and collaboration among colleagues in support of departmental, unit, or SEAS strategic initiatives.