Marlo Roetzer Elected to UB's Professional Staff Senate (PSS)

Marlo Roetzer.

Published November 26, 2019

UB CBE's Marlo Roetzer has been elected to UB's PSS, serving in Area 2, Core Campus Academic Units. Senators to the Professional Staff Senate are elected for two-year terms by the staff in the university area they represent.

The Professional Staff Senate at UB


The Professional Staff Senate exists to support and represent all of UB's professional staff by:

  • Actively participating as partners in shared governance and engaging in the policy decisions and the administration of the University.
  • Promoting the professional development and career mobility of individuals committed to careers in higher education.
  • Cultivating collegiality among all members of the University community and celebrating UB culture.
  • Providing a forum for exchange of information, discussion of ideas, and consideration of matters of interest to the
    professional staff.
  • Maintaining liaisons with other organizations concerned with University affairs.

“As a PSS Senator, I will serve as a liaison to the PSS members in Area 2.  I will be responsible for communicating PSS events and activities to Area 2 as well as bringing any of their concerns to the Executive Committee’s attention.  I hope to work with the Executive Committee to develop more opportunities for members to engage in professional and staff development opportunities in the near future.”  -Marlo