Dave Andrews

One of my most vivid memories was when Tom M. *almost* electrocuted himself and potentially shut down the eastern US grid with his senior project at RPI for an engineering competition. He recovered quite nicely and went on to take first place!
- Inside joke - Does anyone smell shoe polish? Or is it cyclohexane?


Dave Andrews, BS 1966, MS 1968

Dave Andrews was one of the original graduating class of the Cheme Program in 1966, and attained his MS in 1968. Dave made his career at DuPont. He began in an engineering computation consulting group, then transferred to a titanium oxide plant. There he performed different roles in the plant such as serving on the new plant task force, business analysis and technical supervision. In 1978 he transferred to the chemical businesses department in East Chicago, IN as a technical superintendent. In mid-1981 Dave moved back to the Delaware area, where he had responsibility for the chemical technology centers, and provided technical support for all the plants. Dave was into computers and with the networking, email, etc. coming onto the scene, he worked closely closing the gap and introducing modern computing capability for R&D.

In the late 1980s Dave had a big career change and became CIO for the chemical & pigments department and was transferred to corporate IT. In 1992 he moved to Geneva, Switzerland where he was responsible for European applications organizations. After six years in Geneva, he worked on acquisitions & divestitures and came back to Wilmington in 1998 to lead the corporate Y2K program and once finished went back to divestitures, which led to the Toronto, ON area. Once he finished the divestiture of the nylon and lycra spandex businesses for DuPont, he retired to Naples, Florida.

He now enjoys golf and traveling to see his family as much as possible. He has two daughters and three grandchildren.

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