Susan Zonglu Hua.

Susan Zonglu Hua


Research Areas: BioengineeringMaterials

Contact Information

340 Jarvis Hall



Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland, 1993

Research Interests

Mechanosensitive cellular processes; cell-cell and cell-ECM interactions; microfluidic devices and lifetime fluorescence imaging

Selected Publications

  • Maneshi, M.M., Sachs, F. & Hua, S.Z. A threshold shear force for calcium influx in an astrocyte model of traumatic brain injury. J. Neurotrauma 32, 1020-1029 (2015).
  • Suffoletto, K., Ye, N., Meng, F., Verma, D. & Hua, S.Z. Intracellular forces during guided cell growth on micropatterns using FRET measurement. J. Biomech. 48, 627-635 (2015).
  • Ye, N., Verma, D., Meng, F., Davidson, M.W., Suffoletto, K. & Hua, S.Z. Direct observation of alpha-actinin tension and recruitment at focal adhesions during contact growth. Experimental cell research 327, 57-67 (2014).
  • Verma, D., Ye, N., Meng, F., Sachs, F., Rahimzadeh, J. & Hua, S.Z. Interplay between cytoskeletal stresses and cell adaptation under chronic flow. PloS one 7, e44167 (2012).
  • Bathany, C., Beahm, D.L., Besch, S., Sachs, F. & Hua, S.Z. A microfluidic platform for measuring electrical activity across cells. Biomicrofluidics 6, 34121 (2012).
  • Rahimzadeh, J., Meng, F., Sachs, F., Wang, J., Verma, D. & Hua, S.Z. Real-time observation of flow-induced cytoskeletal stress in living cells. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 301, C646-652 (2011).
  • Ye, N., Bathany, C. & Hua, S.Z. Assay for molecular transport across gap junction channels in one-dimensional cell arrays. Lab on a chip 11, 1096-1101 (2011).
  • Hua, S.Z., Gottlieb, P.A., Heo, J. & Sachs, F. A mechanosensitive ion channel regulating cell volume. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 298, C1424-1430 (2010).
  • Wang, J., Heo, J. & Hua, S.Z. Spatially resolved shear distribution in microfluidic chip for studying force transduction mechanisms in cells. Lab on a chip 10, 235-239 (2010).
  • Hua, S.Z. & Pennell, T. A microfluidic chip for real-time studies of the volume of single cells. Lab on a chip 9, 251-256 (2009).