Mostafa Nouh.

Mostafa Nouh

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

1012 Furnas Hall



Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, 2013

Research Interests

Structural dynamics, Acoustics, Vibration damping and control, Smart materials, Energy Harvesting, Metamaterials and periodic structures

Selected Publications

  • C. Banquet, H. Al-Babaa, M. Frazier, M. Nouh, and M. Hussein, Chapter Two - Metadamping: Dissipation Emergence in Elastic Metamaterials, 115:164, Volume 51 (Advances in Crystals and Elastic Metamaterials, Part 1), Advances in Applied Mechanics (2018). [View]
  • M. A. Attarzadeh and M. Nouh, Elastic Wave Propagation in Moving Phononic Crystals and Correlations with Stationary Spatiotemporally Modulated Systems, AIP Advances, 8, 105302 (2018). [View]
  • H. Al-Babaa, J. Callanan, M. Nouh, and T. Singh, Band Gap Synthesis in Elastic Monatomic Lattices via Input Shaping, Meccanica, 53(11), 3105:3122 (2018). [View]
  • M. A. Attarzadeh and M.Nouh, Non-reciprocal Elastic Wave Propagation in 2D Phononic Membranes with Spatiotemporally Varying Material Properties, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 422, 264:277 (2018). [View]
  • H. Al-Babaa, D. DePauw, T. Singh, and M. Nouh, Dispersion Transitions and Pole-zero Characteristics of Finite Inertially Amplified Acoustic Metamaterials, Journal of Applied Physics, 123,105106 (2018). [View]
  • W. Akl, M. Nouh, O. Aldraihem, and A. Baz, Energy Dissipation Characteristics of Polyurea and Polyurea/Carbon Black Composites, Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials, 1:25 (2018). [View]
  • H. Al-Babaa, M. A. Attarzadeh, and M. Nouh, Experimental Evaluation of Structural Intensity in Two Dimensional Plate-type Locally Resonant Elastic Metamaterials, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 85(4), 041005 (2018). [View]
  • M. A. Attarzadeh, H. Al-Babaa, and M. Nouh, On the Wave Dispersion and Non-reciprocal Power Flow in Space-time Traveling Acoustic Metamaterials, Applied Acoustics, 133, 210:214 (2018). [View]
  • D. DePauw, H. Al-Babaa, and M. Nouh, Metadamping and Energy Dissipation Enhancement via Hybrid Phononic Resonators, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 18, 36:44 (2018). [View]
  • M. H. Ansari, M. A. Attarzadeh, M. Nouh, and M. Amin Karami, Application of Magnetoelastic Materials in Spatiotemporally Modulated Phononic Crystals for Nonreciprocal Wave Propagation, Smart Materials and Structures, 27, 015030 (2018). [View]