American officials set to meet with Russian space officials over anti-satellite missile test

Published November 17, 2021


John Crassidis, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Samuel P. Capen Chair in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, appeared on CNBC to discuss how a Russian missile test blasted a Kosmos spy satellite into more than 1,500 pieces of space debris, threatening the International Space Station.

“You could have some that is orbiting around the equator, for example. You can have some that is orbiting around the poles. A very small piece of debris can do a lot of damage,” he said.

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Crassidis also spoke to Live Science, saying: "It doesn't take a very large hole to basically explode the space station." He also appeared on Newsy, “We just don’t have the technology right now to solve this problem. The thing I would focus on now seems obvious: Don’t put more space junk up there.” Crassidis also did interviews with Fox Weather, Fox 26 Houston and Global News 640 AM in Toronto – those segments are not available online.