Student News

Students in computational research groups at UB (and those interested in them) had the opportunity to learn about their job prospects after graduation from a panel of distinguished experts at the annual Symposium on Job and Career Perspectives for Students in the Computational Sciences.

Chemical and biological PhD student and Panasci TEC winner Ogechi Ogoke recieved first place in the school's annual graduate student poster competition.

A story on Buffalo Rising reports three UB students – Abdul Hassaballah, Anish Ajay Kirtane and Olivia Burgner – received first place in UB’s World’s Challenge Challenge for their creation of the Numu burger made of meal worms.

Reverse Pitch lets students sit back, relax and listen to one of eight 43North companies tell them why they should work for that organization.


UBNow continues its series on the new generation of student leaders with a story on Ian DesJardin, who’s ready to launch his career into space.

An article in the Dunkirk Observer features Zach Steever, a PhD student who is working on a project to create an NFL schedule that is materially fair and largely disparity free.