Like bullets fired from a gun, photos can be traced to individual smartphones, opening up new ways to prevent identity theft.

Jun Zhuang, a professor in UB’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and former student John Coles (PhD 2014, BS 2009), now a senior research scientist and project manager at CUBRC Inc., are the recipients of the 2017 Koopman Prize from the Military Applications Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

‘Smart’ recycling totes? Parking lots that tell you what spaces are open? Students presented class projects that could benefit the community.


The goal of the event was to help high school students envision what their life could be like if they choose to pursue a STEM discipline at UB. 


Researchers harness big data to improve poverty maps, a much-needed tool to aid world’s most vulnerable people.

The Solar Splash competition is a 5-day annual “electric boat regatta.” The 2017 competition took place in Springfield, Ohio from June 7-11.