Online Student FAQ's

Answers to frequently asked questions about online programs and courses through SEAS are given below. Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

What programs do you offer completely online?

Current fully online programs include the following:

Visit our online programs page to see all our online offerings.

Is an online degree/certificate different from a traditional one?

The only difference between an online program and a traditional (seated) one is that the course work is completed online. Upon graduation, you will hold a degree or certificate from the University at Buffalo, and all the rights and privileges of a UB alumni.

Do you also offer individual classes online?

Yes. For a complete listing please visit our Online Courses page.

What are the costs for online study?

Current tuition and fee rates can be found on the Student Accounts website by semester. 

How do I apply for admission to your online programs?

Please visit individual program pages for complete details regarding admission requirements and application procedures.

How do online students register for classes?

Students taking online courses register through the university’s HUB Student Center, same as campus-based students.

What is an online course like?

Courses are delivered on UBlearns via the Blackboard Learning System, an internet-based course management tool. Blackboard lets students and instructors participate in class activities online. The tool offers online storage for course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizzes, grades and more. You will need a computer with high speed Internet access in order to participate in live recitation sessions, etc.

How are assignments and exams completed and submitted for online students?

Individual instructors determine the submission of homework assignments and exams. Software to ensure exam integrity is routinely used.

How much interaction will I have with my instructor and classmates?

Our instructors welcome and encourage a high degree of engagement and feedback from online students. You will be able to communicate with your instructors and classmates via chat, email, discussion boards and forums.

As an online student, will I ever be required to come to campus?

Though you are welcome to visit UB anytime, the programs currently offered do not require online students to come to the campus.

Can I take an online course without enrolling in a program?

Yes. Graduate students are permitted to register for graduate coursework as non-degree students for a maximum of 12 credits. Undergraduate non-degree (non-matriculated) students can take up to 30 credits of undergraduate coursework.

How long does it take to complete online programs?

Master’s degrees typically take 1.5 to 2 years to complete. Advanced certificates can usually be completed in 1 academic year. UB Graduate School policies govern the length of time a student has to complete a full degree program, but there is flexibility built in to accommodate non-traditional working schedules to enable professionals the time needed to complete the degree.