CSE Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs), 2016. 

UB Academic Schedule

If you are looking for information about which courses will be offered for a particular semester, please see the official UB Academic Schedule:

Course Catalog

The CSE Undergraduate Program has offered these courses over the last five years. Many courses are offered every year, but some are offered irregularly.

CSE 101: Computers: A General Introduction
CSE 111: Great Ideas in Computer Science
CSE 113: Introduction to Computer Programming I
CSE 115: Introduction to Computer Science for Majors I
CSE 116: Introduction to Computer Science for Majors II
CSE 191: Discrete Structures
CSE 199: UB Seminar
CSE 241: Digital Systems
CSE 250: Data Structures
CSE 305: Introduction to Programming Languages
CSE 320: Introduction To Operating Systems
CSE 321: Real-Time and Embedded Operating Systems
CSE 331: Introduction to Algorithm Analysis and Design
CSE 341: Computer Organization
CSE 379: Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers
CSE 380: Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers Lab
CSE 396: Introduction to the Theory of Computation
CSE 408: Programming with Python
CSE 410: Special Topics
CSE 411: Introduction to Computer Systems Administration
CSE 421: Introduction to Operating Systems
CSE 422: Operating Systems Internals
CSE 429: Algs for Modern Compute System
CSE 431: Algorithms Analysis and Design
CSE 435: Information Retrieval
CSE 442: Software Engineering
CSE 443: Compilers
CSE 453: Hardware/Software Integrated Systems Design
CSE 455: Introduction To Pattern Recognition
CSE 456: Introduction To Visualization
CSE 460: Data Models and Query Language
CSE 462: Database Concepts
CSE 463: Knowledge Representation
CSE 467: Computational Linguistics
CSE 468: Robotics Algorithms
CSE 469: Introduction to Data Mining
CSE 470: Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Processing
CSE 473: Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing
CSE 474: Introduction to Machine Learning
CSE 486: Distributed Systems
CSE 487: Data Intensive Computing
CSE 489: Modern Network Concepts
CSE 490: Computer Architecture
CSE 492: Undergrad Peer Mentoring
CSE 493: Introduction to VLSI Electronics
CSE 495: Supervised Teaching
CSE 496: Internship/Practicum
CSE 498: Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities
CSE 499: Independent Study