Undergraduate Program

The bachelor's degree is your first step toward a career in computing and information technology, whether you'd like to work in industry, start your own company, or continue your professional education in graduate school.

Our undergraduate programs are designed to give you a solid, world-class educational foundation in both classical and cutting-edge aspects of the fields.  And because computing is increasingly ubiquitous in every field of human endeavor, many students are choosing to complement other programs of study with a computer science or computer engineering degree.

So which path is right for you—computer science or computer engineering? See our detailed program descriptions below to learn more.

Bina Ramamurthy, Atri Rudra, and ACM Club Officers, 2015

Computer Science is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information, including their theory, design, implementation, application, and efficiency. The discipline emerged in the 1950s from the development of computability theory and the invention of the stored-program electronic computer. The roots of computer science extend deeply into mathematics and engineering. Mathematics imparts analysis to the field; engineering imparts design.

CS Ed Week, 2015

Computer Engineering is the design and prototyping of computing devices and systems. While sharing much history and many areas of interest with Computer Science, Computer Engineering concentrates its effort on the ways in which computing ideas are mapped into working physical systems. Emerging equally from the disciplines of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering rests on the intellectual foundations of these disciplines, the basic physical sciences and mathematics.

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