Why Choose UB MAE

Program Highlights

As a Mechanical Engineer you could be a part of a team that designs practical electric-powered and hybrid automobiles. Creates the first power-generating plant with zero environmental impact. Develops the first desalination plant economical enough to meet the world’s needs for clean water. Builds the first affordable high speed mass-transit system.

As an Aerospace Engineer you could be a part of a team that launches the rocket that puts the first astronauts on Mars. Designs the first permanent habitat in space. Develops the first shape-changing ultra-high strength material. Builds the first super-mileage solar powered aircraft.

Enrollment & Graduation Rates


Aerospace Engineering, BS Enrollment: 300

Aerospace Engineering, BS Conferrals: 84

Mechanical Engineering, BS Enrollment: 753

Mechanical Engineering, BS Conferrals: 217


Aerospace Engineering, BS Enrollment: 285

Aerospace Engineering, BS Conferrals: 57

Mechanical Engineering, BS Enrollment: 763

Mechanical Engineering, BS Conferrals: 179


Aerospace Engineering, BS Enrollment: 275

Aerospace Engineering, BS Conferrals: 65

Mechanical Engineering, BS Enrollment: 675

Mechanical Engineering, BS Conferrals: 191


Aerospace Engineering, BS Enrollment: 247

Aerospace Engineering, BS Conferrals: 55

Mechanical Engineering, BS Enrollment: 672

Mechanical Engineering, BS Conferrals: 167