ISE Seminar Series

Cyber-manufacturing: Delivering Manufacturing Services Over Web 3.0

Binil Starly.

Binil Starly

Motorola Professor of Manufacturing Systems, School of Manufacturing Systems & Networks, Arizona State University

March 8, 2024 | 12-12:50 p.m. | 20 Knox Hall


Cybermanufacturing enables the shared use of networked manufacturing infrastructure to deliver manufacturing resources on-demand while maximizing capacity utilization, reducing consumption of natural and material resources, and reducing costs to product design and manufacturing. This talk will highlight two areas where our group has contributed to the understanding of Cybermanufacturing systems – 1) With the explosive growth of 3D product models, the data contained in them, may be used to democratize access and broaden those who are able to engage in product design and manufacturing; 2) Understanding of manufacturing capability available over the entire US through Natural Language Processing (NLP), and its interface with Large Language Models (like BERT & GPT-4). In the future, the digital connection across factories will also lead to Manufacturing Networks that are highly agile, distributed, and resilient while considering the long-term consequences of sustainable industrial performance.


Dr. Binil Starly serves as the Founding School Director and Professor in the School of Manufacturing Systems & Networks, one of 8 Schools within the Ira. A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. He has over 20 years of experience in Digital manufacturing. His laboratory is working on technologies that merge the digital and the physical world towards advancing both discrete and continuous manufacturing. His work is supported by the US National Science Foundation, Department of Energy (NNSA) and the Manufacturing Institutes (MxD and CESMII). He has received the NSF CAREER award, SME ‘20 Most Influential Professors in Smart Manufacturing’, SME Young Manufacturing Engineering Award (2011) and numerous teaching awards at the University of Oklahoma and North Carolina State University.

Event Date: March 8, 2024