UB research helps NFL schedule-makers

Published May 20, 2022


Mark Karwan, Praxair Professor of Operations Research and SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, was interviewed by WIVB regarding his work with the National Football League.

Karwan is now in his fourth year leading a team at UB which tests out scheduling concepts under a league grant.

“This is my field for the last 46, 47 years. It is the hardest problem I’ve ever seen,” Karwan says. The NFL’s considers a lot when crafting its 18-week slate, league spokesperson Brian McCarthy said in an email. “Our schedule makers talk to a wide variety of fans, coaches, players, broadcasters, and academics to listen and learn on how to improve,” McCarthy said. “We’ve talked to Dr. Karwan over the last several years to discuss how we can use data and analytics to improve the schedule.”

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