Career Pathways: Shelter-at-home orders put spotlight on disability accommodations

Published May 6, 2020


The Society of Women Engineers reports that COVID-19 has raised the profile of flexible work arrangements, compelling corporations and institutions to recognize that reasonable accommodations represent a step toward inclusivity that will help both employees and employers. The article quotes Meghan Donahue, a PhD student in industrial and systems engineering, who said the idea of designing for differing needs not only varies for each person, but it’s also about the environment.

“These improvements help give people more energy to do their work,” said Donahue. “Your body is conscious of the crick in your neck, so when you adjust your monitor, chair, or desk height, you can correct your positioning. Now, while you’re not slumping your shoulders at your desk, your subconscious, or conscious, is no longer distracted by the pain.”

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