Undergraduate Credit (Unit) Override Policy

See the Undergraduate Catalog for the maximum number of credits (units) a student is permitted to enroll in per semester. If you wish to register for more than the maximum number of credits in a given semester, you must receive permission from the Office of Academic Affairs.

Students with (1) an approved SEAS major, (2) good academic standing in UB and SEAS, and (3) a cumulative UB GPA of at least 3.2 qualify for a fall or spring semester credit override of up to 3 credit hours (22 or fewer total credit hours).

Students in their first term at UB or in poor academic standing (UB or SEAS academic warning/probation) are not eligible for a credit override.

Requests outside of these conditions require a detailed review, including requests for summer or winter terms. Students are expected to present a convincing case that a credit override is needed to satisfy degree requirements in a timely manner. It is expected that all of the courses a student enrolls in within the override semester are degree applicable. Requests are generally denied when one or more courses can be moved to a subsequent semester without negatively impacting timeliness to degree (graduation).

Last updated October 16, 2018