Leave With Partial Pay Procedure

Duration: dependent upon circumstances 


  1. Department submits to Dean’s Office
    - Currently M. Monica Vacanti for faculty
    - Currently Gena Hoch for staff
    • letter/memo from the faculty memo requesting the leave
    • letter/memo from the Chair stating whether the Chair endorses the leave request 
  2. The form and the two letters/memos will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs Dean to determine if they will approve. The Associate Dean will indicate agreement by signing the Leave of Absence form.
  3. The forms and two letter/memos will be sent back to Department to do the ePTF. The form and two letters/memos should be attached to the ePTF and routed through the normal channels. The Dean’s Office will route the ePTF through the Provost Office which allows the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs to approve it.
  4. Department can monitor the progress of the ePTF to determine when it has been fully approved.

Leaves with partial pay approval by the Provost and the President. The Dean is not the final authority. 

Leaves With Partial Pay

The Policies of SUNY’s Board of Trustees also provide for leaves of absence with partial pay, again for purposes “consistent with the needs and interests of the University.” These will typically occur to enable a faculty member to accept a prestigious award (e.g. Rockefeller, Guggenheim, and American Council of Learned Societies) at a time when he or she is not eligible for a sabbatical leave, and when acceptance of the award will result in a reduction in income. As a general rule, such leaves will be supported at no more than the lesser of one-half of salary or the amount of the external award or grant. A leave with partial pay is an exceptional privilege and may be granted only where it is clear that the leave will significantly advance the applicant’s standing within his or her discipline or profession and will advance the educational and research missions of his or her School. 

Last updated February 2015