Submit Photos for Commencement Slideshow

Please share your photos for the SEAS slideshow, which features shots of our graduating students during their time here at UB.

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Submitting a photo of yourself for your official virtual commencement slide

Please note that the process to submit your personal photo and other details for your official slide for the virtual commencement is different from the process for submitting photos for the general slideshow. Registration details with your unique link were provided via email on April 18. If you did not receive this email or have questions, contact the SEAS commencement coordinator here.

Submission ideas include photos that relate to student clubs, GSAs, research activities, academics, outreach/volunteer activities, competitions/awards, experiential learning, and social/athletic events.

How to Submit Photos for the Slideshow

Upload photos to our UBbox folder below OR email photos (include a brief description) to the UBbox folder at

Tip: When submitting photos, please select and share the highest quality versions of your photos.

Please submit your photos by May 1, 2020.

If you have an event occurring after this date, and would like to include photos in the slideshow, please contact