Research Highlights

See research accomplishments and recognition of our faculty and students, from honors to publications to sponsored research awards. 

"The Interlaced Partition Multiplier" by Christopher Fritz and Adly Fam published in IEEE Transactions on Computers.
Qiaoqiang Gan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, has his research featured on the homepage of the National Science Foundation website.  
"Good Code Sets from Complementary Pairs via Symmetrical/Anti-symmetrical Chips", co-authored by Ravi Kadlimatti and Adly T. Fam  has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronics Systems (TAES).
Professor Adly T. Fam and former student, Dr. Aaron Roof, have been issued patent number 8,731,293 "REPRESENTING SIGNALS FOR CLASSIFICATION." 
Professor Mastronarde to conduct research on scheduling mission-critical flows in congested and contested airborne network environments
"Plasmonic interferometric sensor arrays for high-performance label-free biomolecular detection" that has been featured as a cover article of the journal Lab on a Chip.
Networks of nanometer-scale machines offer exciting potential applications in medicine, industry, environmental protection and defense, but until now there’s been one very small problem: the limited capability of nanoscale antennas fabricated from traditional metallic components.
Professor Edward Furlani received an NSF SBIR subaward for the development of a Macroscale Knudsen Pumped Solar Thermal Collector.