Research Highlights

See research accomplishments and recognition of our faculty and students, from honors to publications to sponsored research awards. 

"The Interlaced Partition Multiplier" by Christopher Fritz and Adly Fam published in IEEE Transactions on Computers.
Qiaoqiang Gan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, has his research featured on the homepage of the National Science Foundation website.  
"Good Code Sets from Complementary Pairs via Symmetrical/Anti-symmetrical Chips", co-authored by Ravi Kadlimatti and Adly T. Fam  has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronics Systems (TAES).
The research of Natalia Litchinitser, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, is featured on the National Science Foundation "News From the Field" website.  
Professor Adly T. Fam and former student, Dr. Aaron Roof, have been issued patent number 8,731,293 "REPRESENTING SIGNALS FOR CLASSIFICATION." 
Jingbo Sun, Natalia Litchinitser, Alexander Cartwright, Xi Wang, Tianboyu Zu, and Zhaxylyk Kudyshev co-authored the article on structured light applications.
Air Force Research Laboratory awards project to Professors Stella Batalama, Dimitris Pados, Tommaso Melodia and Weifeng Su
"Concealing with Structured Light" by Dr. Jingbo Sun (Litchinitser Lab postdoc), Natalia Litchinitser, Alexander Cartwright and their students published in Scientific Reports.