Press Releases

Our faculty and students have made important and internationally recognized contributions to engineering, science and technology.

These discoveries have far-reaching impacts in such areas as communications, energy, and medicine. Our faculty develop socially relevant communications products, innovative materials and devices that create greener, more energy-efficient solutions for our world.

University at Buffalo engineers has developed nanotechnology to make surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy simpler.
UB researcher receives award from SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund to improve magnetic resonance imaging.
Engineers are developing an optical “nanocavity” to boost light absorption in semiconductors; it could improve solar cells, cameras and more.
Research hints that nanodevices in microcircuits can protect themselves from heat generation; could boost computing power without large-scale changes to electronics.
UB Engineers Receive $850K Grant to help Intel, IBM and other revolutionize computing
UB engineers have created a more efficient way to catch rainbows, an advancement in photonics that could lead to technological breakthroughs in solar energy, stealth technology and other areas of research.
UB color-identification technology named a game-changer by Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  The invention is one of five of the society's 2013 list of Innovations that Could Change the Way You Manufacture.