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Taco Bell
Ristorante fast food a Irvine (California)

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Tom Ledoux
· 22 giugno 2018
Taco Bell App is broken. We haven't been able to order through the phone app in about a month. It worked great the first few times we used it. Now it keeps saying "Oh No" or something right after we e...nter in our credit card payment. We've tried numerous times. We've tried a different credit card. We've tried reinstalling the app. We've tried logging in on a different phone. We've tried creating a whole new user account on the other phone. We've tried logging into the website and ordering, same problem. Nothing works. It must be something local to our store that's broken. Please fix it!! Why can't I order online anymore using my phone app or the web browser!?!?

It's a new store in Manteca, CA at 1968 Daniels St. The app was great at first, ordered a lot of crazy stuff in the comfort of our couch. Drove there and gave our name and picked it up. Now we have to sit in front of the stupid menu forever talking to the person in the box. Why you be broke?
Caseina Cole Mixan
· 22 giugno 2018
Too often people tell you about their bad experiences. I wanted to share a great customer service experience I had today. In the drive thru, I had to wait a few minutes for an item. After a couple min...utes, an employee apologized for the wait and offered me a beverage while I waited. After another minute or two my order came out, he apologized again, and gave me a coupon for a free taco. The wait really was not long. I have waited much longer at many places before without an apology. It really seemed to me that the employee cared about my wait (even though it was no big deal to me). Thanks! Altro...
Rasheedah Soblessed Dawkins
· 22 giugno 2018
Please please please stop advertising this food to look so good and filled up and then give me a crunchy taco with what looked like to be maybe a baby spoon full or two of hamburger meat. I was so dis...appointed in those tacos. Like stop being stingy with the meat! I paid 20 for my food and 6/8 tacos were pretty much empty on meat. I’m not a vegetarian. Altro...
Alexis Marie Ruffing
· 22 giugno 2018
I went through the drive thru here in Hillsboro Ohio just a moment ago and the woman was absolutely beyond rude to me. Threw my sauce at me pretty much. Just a disgusting attitude. I called the store ...to place a complaint, and it was revealed that she was the manager on duty. She claims her name was Akita or Nakita whatever her name is. Heavy set, dark drown hair. Straight up rude. She refused to give me a corporate number, and hung up on me. I will NOT go back to that restaurant as long as that rude woman is employed there. You do NOT treat customers like animals! I am BEYOND upset and angry. I will no longer patronize that store.

This lady needs anger management. Or a reality check with that attitude.
Madlyn Robey
· 22 giugno 2018
Ordered 3 Chili Cheese burritos from location on E Broad Street in Blacklick Ohio. Nothing was right about this order. No chili, no sour cream (ordered as addition), and there were so many onions that... they were inedible. I get chili cheese burritos all the time, and know that they don’t come with onions and never have. This is becoming a common occurrence, and I am about to stop going to Taco Bell all together Altro...
Denise Rivera
· 22 giugno 2018
Go get Taco Bell after a movie. I ordered 2 crunchy tacos and 1 soft taco. Get home to eat my food, the last taco I go to eat open it up and I see this shit! Wtf is this last time I checked crunchy ta...cos don’t come with sour cream! Get it right Taco Bell! So pissed, going somewhere else next time! Taco Bell in west Springfield MA Altro...
Eddie Marion
· 21 giugno 2018
This is going to be a negative post. I try not to do these, but this one is warranted. I just went to the Taco Bell on Worcester Turnpike in Westborough MA. Looks to be a fairly new location. But ...the hospitality level was terrible. The music playing was some kind of rap music and the volume was so high that the young man behind the counter couldn’t hardly hear me. And that was AFTER I had stood there a good 5 minutes, waiting to attract someone’s attention. There were 3 or 4 people in the kitchen. The one guy at the final prep station appeared to be so disinterested in being there that he would die. And he turned out to be the guy in charge!

I know I’m old. But the generation that is now at the high school age mystifies me sometimes. The feeling of entitlement, as well as the sheer contempt that some of them has just makes me shake my head.

Before you say ‘but they’re just kids’ and laugh it off, remember what things were like when our generation was that age. If most of us had acted that way, an adult would have jerked a knot in our tail, whether it was our parent or a stranger.

Shaking my head....
Tabetha O'Sullivan
· 3 ore fa
Taco Bell
6005 Preston Avenue
Livermore CA 94551...
United States

I am sick of this being the only Taco Bell around me! I have an allergy to tomatoes and tell them to put it in a separate bag, and there is an allergy and yet EVERY time I come here they mess up my order. They say they are sorry and they fix it, I go home and sometimes it's STILL wrong! I ask to get comped for my wrong meal and they say they can't. It is such a pain in the butt to have this be such a busy store (waiting in line for 20 min) and have to wait even longer for them to correct the problem. I think with as much as we love Taco Bell as a family we will start taking our business elsewhere!
Bobbye Hill
· 22 giugno 2018
My family got in the drive-thru at 9:40p we didn't get our order until 10:05p. When we pulled up the window a 19-22 year old employee was dancing causally like they were too busy enjoying themselves. ...At that point it got very unprofessional, he offers me some opened candied watermelon seeds. No apologies for the tardiness, we had to wait 5 minutes for 5 Fritos burritos, and 4 more items...
That's after I banged on the window...
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE to say the least...
This was the Taco Bell in Grand Prairie close to I-20 and Great Southwest...
Dan Elsman
· 22 giugno 2018
Worst experience at the taco bell on Irving park and California in chicago (2087 w Irving park in chicago) The staff is great but the staff making the orders can't seem to understand simple orders. Th...is was the third and final time vist that place. Altro...
Meghan Bastianelli
· 21 giugno 2018
Tonight I wasted 30 minutes sitting in the drive thru with no way to even escape. All I could do was wait, waste gas and time. Once I eventually made the long trek to the window, I got no “sorry about... the wait”, no coupon, just paid for my food and finally left. Worst experience every! Altro...
Brittany Guzman
· 22 giugno 2018
Its not the food the reason they get a 1 star. Its the service. I would never suggest going to the one in Sophia, WV.. Went to get a quick bite through drive thru and sat for a good 35 minutes. Thats ...not the bad part. I ordered a taco salad with an extra salsa... .45 salsa for that little tiny cup and you would never imagine they forget it, right?.... Well i just thought Id go inside to get that fixed real quick. Since it was after 10 PM the doors were locked, understandable but theres no way I am going to sit in the drive thru for even longer than I was already there just for a salsa so I call. IDK who the female manager was that was working on todays date around that time but she has some very crappy customer service. Did nothing but yelled the entire time I was on the phone with her and then hung up. All I tried to explain to her was if I made the smallest mistake like that at my work it could be a matter of life or death. I give them a 1 not for forgetting the salsa, not for me having to go through drive thru to get it but how she talked to me. Perhaps she may need a little anger management and customer service training. I'll never go back. Altro...
Kourtlyn Harvey
· 22 giugno 2018
I have been to 3 Taco Bell’s that are unable to fulfill my order of a watermelon freeze and if y’all are going to make it such a big deal y’all need to please make sure y’all are able to provide the drink!!!
Troy Michael Walker
· 22 giugno 2018
I waited for my food for over half an hour and they got my order wrong, every single time. I asked for no tomatoes and no sour cream on my nachos. But guess what? Sour cream and tomatoes were on there.... I think it would be ok if we sat in line for two minutes before getting our food. But instead we sat in line for 35 minutes and they still got the order wrong this was my worste experience at Taco Bell to date. Altro...
Josh Trevathan
· 4 ore fa
Love taco bell, however I wish they would bring back lava sauce. If anyone that can make decisions is reading this then PLEASE bring it back. Best sauce I've ever had. Went to taco bell 3-4 times a we...ek just for the sauce. Thanks for listening and getting me through college! Altro...
Jiggaa West
· 4 ore fa
I've been trying to talk to the hiring manager at Taco Bell in Antioch Ca for the past 3 days but every time i call she's busy or she's not there today i called and talked to the employee and she forg...ot to put me on hold i guess she asked the hiring manager what should she say and the hiring manager huffed and puffed then said "tell him im busy" i- im disappointed honestly more than anything. I've gone in there several time and the staff there seem very prejudice and non inclusive to other races. Very bad experience Altro...
Chris Marlon
· Circa un'ora fa
Buenas noches tengo 7 años de ser adicto a taco bell y hoy en taco bell el q queda atrás de Walmart heredia la”gerente pedazo de malparida “me dice q me boto la hp cerveza un colaborador casi la mato ...a esa mae y ok yo sé q es prohibido mientras ud esté haciendo un problema más sin embargo yo llego tranquilamente y esa malparido se me pone a jugar de vivo me cago en la puta y más a esa doña malparida legalmente dónde queda el servicio al cliente de taco bell banco central o heredia UNA esa gente es una mierda Altro...
Shelby McDonald
· 22 giugno 2018
I went to the location on louetta rd by Klein high school asked for a beefy 5 layer burrito which has never had lettuce or tomatoes in it when I order it but tonight it had all that in it and I asked ...for no sour cream and still got that. Glad I decided to get a taco too because I was already pretty upset getting home and seeing I didn’t get what I ordered. Altro...
Noah Nemier
· 22 giugno 2018
An employee of this local Taco Bell reported my girl friend for “getting high” in the bathroom because she ran into the bathroom for stomach pains. The manager followed up by opening up the single bat...hroom where my girlfriend was peeing after I repeatedly told her someone was going pee. I believe the shitty employee who was mad she couldn’t get her broom from the bathroom should be fired for false accusations and extreme unprofessional along with the garbage manager who refused to answer any of my questions and walked away from me. Altro...
Joshua Richard Perry
· 22 giugno 2018
1395 Big Fish Drive, Sparks, NV 89431 Avoid this location at all costs or if its literally the only option you have near to satisfy the craving check and double check everything. From what you ordered... to what was actually put in the bag so you do not end up waiting 30 minutes or more to get your order to find out its wrong after being stuck in traffic for 30 minutes to just get home. Altro...

Get the Triple Melt Burrito $2 Duo. Any medium drink and a Triple Melt Burrito for just $2. Need we say more?

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