Keith Wilson

“Jerry Zakalik’s and my intro to our Senior Project with Dr. X, wherein he fell asleep during the proposal, rolled across the lab in his chair, and bumped into a lab bench without waking up. (He had apparently just gotten back from a long trip to the Orient).”


Keith Wilson, BS 1966

Keith Wilson is one of the original graduating class of the chemical engineering program 1966. After earning his degree, He joined Du Pont's R&D department. In 1968 Keith became part of the dispersed polymers task force that did R&D at Niagara Falls. He Performed Pilot Plant activities at Niagara Falls and Orange, TX; and handled design work in Wilmington, DE. Keith then transferred to Wurtland, KY in 1968 for construction and startup of full-scale plant. He returned to Niagara Falls in 1971 to join Electronic Materials Group in various capacities including Worldwide Quality Manager. Keith transferred to DuPont/Olin joint caustic/chlorine venture as Quality Manager. He retired from Du Pont in 1993.

Keith became a Certified Quality Management System Lead Auditor and performed over 750 ISO 9000 and related audits. Through the UB The Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) and independently, did training and consulting helping over 70 companies attain and retain certification in above standard and those specific to automotive, aerospace, and medical device industries, until retirement in 2014.

Keith is currently retired, living on Grand Island with Lura, his wife of 23 years, is stepdad to 2 grown children and grandad to 4. He enjoy snow skiing, bicycling, tennis and a winter home in Boynton Beach, FL. Keith organized a reunion of the first graduating class of Chem E from 1966 that took place Summer 2016 here at UB.

“Project involved retention of fluid in a packed column –disastrous demo of our project to review committee when support screen for column let go and spilled fluid and thousands of tiny glass beads all over the lab floor and down the hallways of Acheson. People were still slipping and falling on them weeks later.”

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