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UB offers a variety of opportunities for students who wish to study abroad. You can take classes towards your UB Curriculum with the International Experience Track of the Global Pathway, or take Engineering classes with a global perspective. Make sure you plan ahead and meet with a Study Abroad advisor to start planning your study abroad experience.

Featured Programs

Troyes, with its safe and friendly atmosphere, is an ideal place to be a student in France. Only an hour and a half from Paris by road or rail, this small city of 120,000 is rich in art and history yet also boasts a vibrant cultural and artistic life, a thriving economy and many sporting activities.

Undergraduate engineering students will earn a total of 6 credits upon successful completion of two courses:

EAS 207: Statics (3 credits)
Taught by UB Faculty Member. Application of mechanics to the study of static equilibrium of rigid and elastic bodies. Topics include composition and resolution of forces; moments and couples; equivalent force systems, free-body diagrams; equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies; forces in trusses and beams; friction forces; first and second moments of area; moments and product of inertia; methods of virtual work and total potential energy.

UGC 112: World Civilization II: Intro to European Union (3 credits)
Taught by UTT Faculty Member. European Union’s institutions and challenges, the building of a European model and culture, France’s role in Europe and in the world, French political and economic system, French technology, a taste of French culture (discovery of the Champagne region and industry), basic concepts in intercultural communication, “survival” French. This course has been approved to meet the Civilization and History or Humanities UB Area in the Global Pathway of the UB Curriculum.

Automotive Engineering at TU Darmstadt (known as FZD) is a research institution within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. With the assistance of students, they conduct research primarily in the areas of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Motorcycles, and Chassis and Driving Dynamics. They also have a Test Drive Project which includes the testing and evaluation of new cars provided by the manufacturers. Recent examples include the BMW 650i and the Audi S5.

The FZD has developed a special 10-week summer program in Automotive Engineering for graduate students and graduating seniors from select partner universities (currently UB and Virginia Tech). This program offers UB students the opportunity to undertake coursework in automotive engineering and conduct a joint research project with German students.

UB undergraduate students will receive credit for MAE 494 Design Project and 4 credits of MAE 499 Independent Study upon completion of this program. All classes will be conducted in English so no prior knowledge of German is required. TU Darmstadt will provide an intensive one-week introduction to German language and culture.

Note: A maximum of 6 total credits (2 courses) are permitted to count towards degree requirements for informal courses (496/498/499).

Costa Rica is a small, Central American country with about 5 million residents known by most Americans as a top tourist, honeymoon, and retirement destination. Few know, however, that Costa Rica regularly ranks in the top 5 of the most sustainable countries in the world. Costa Ricans rely on renewable energy (~98% of electricity comes from renewable sources), are attempting to be the first carbon-neutral country, have nearly 30% of their land designated as protected forests, and have a happier population than the US. With close proximity and Spanish language, the venue is ideal for a sustainability-themed winter break study abroad experience. 

UB undergraduate students will receive credit for CIE 464 which can satisfy an SEAS Technical Elective (Note: This is not the same as an MAE Technical Elective).

Global E3 enables engineering students to go abroad to universities in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, while earning credit at their home institution. UB students may participate in exchanges with over 35 participating universities in 20+ countries which are members of Global E3. UB has existing exchanges with many of these universities, so please make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor in the Study Abroad Programs Office prior to opening your online Global E3 application.