Data Analytics Engineering

Degree Concentration for MS, Industrial Engineering

The Industrial and Systems Engineering MS with a concentration in Data Analytics Engineering equips graduates with the skills needed to transform vast amounts of data into meaningful information for decision making.

Two people looking at spreadsheets of data and charts representing that data.

The MS program with a concentration in Data Analytics Engineering is designed to prepare graduates for the growing need in various industries for professionals with advanced data analytics skills. These professionals can transform large streams of data into understandable and actionable information to aid decision making. The key sectors that require such professionals include health care, smart manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, national security, defense, banking, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Employment Outlook

Companies like American Red Cross, Apple, Booz Allen Hamilton, Citi, Coca Cola, Deloitte, Discover, Microsoft, Oracle, Prudential, UPS, and US Bank are among those actively seeking employees with data analytics training. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 36% job market growth for data analytics trained engineers in the next 10 years, a rate faster than average. Additionally, the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is ranked 19th in the US News and World Report Best Graduate Programs in Engineering, enhancing students' visibility in the internship and job market.


Students enrolled in the Industrial and Systems Engineering MS program with a focus in Data Analytics Engineering must complete 30 credits of coursework, which may include up to 6 credits of IE 560 MS Research Guidance for the thesis track or up to 3 credits of IE 591 Project Guidance for CPT internships.

Students must complete a minimum of four formal IE courses related to data analytics and additional electives for a total of seven courses. Students who do not complete an MS thesis must submit a portfolio showcasing their completed assignments and a reflective paper outlining how they plan to apply their skills and knowledge after graduation.

IE courses related to data analytics include:

  • IE 500: Special Topic on Statistical Machine Learning for Engineers
  • IE 551: Simulation & Stochastic Models
  • IE 552: Information Fusion Systems and Applications
  • IE 555: Programming for Analytics
  • IE 670: Special Topics in Dynamic Data Visualization and Optimization
  • IE 670: Advanced Topics in Data-driven Risk & Decision Analysis