Kang Sun.

Kang Sun

Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information

106 Cooke Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-5900

Email: kangsun@buffalo.edu


PhD Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, 2015

BS Environmental Sciences, Peking University, 2009

Research Interests

Dr. Sun’s research focuses on the chemistry and physics of the Earth’s atmosphere and their implications for sustainable urban development, public health, and the global climate change. His current research projects involve remote sensing of atmospheric composition, satellite instrument development, and inverse modeling of greenhouse gas emissions. He serves in the science teams of TEMPO, the first Earth Venture Instrument mission to measure air pollution from geostationary orbit, OMI, the primary global air pollution monitor, and OCO-2, NASA’s first dedicated mission to study atmospheric carbon dioxide. He pioneered the use of solar measurements for instrument spectral calibration, and the use of instrument spatial response function to accurately oversample satellite observations into regular grids. He is also involved in the development of a satellite-based solution to quantify global methane leakage from space.