Design and Discovery of Polymers with Pendant Rings for Membrane Gas Separations

Haiqing Lin Membrane Research Lab

The goal of this project is to elucidate the effect of pendant rings and crosslinking on membrane gas separation properties, and design advanced materials with superior gas permeability and selectivity, and great stability against aging and plasticization for practical separations.  


We will design and prepare hydrocarbon- or fluoro-polymers and investigate their structure/property relationship for membrane gas separation. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Resulting Publications

  • M. Yavari, S. Maruf, Y. Ding, H. Lin, Physical aging of glassy perfluoropolymers in thin film composite membranes. Part II. Glass transition temperature and the free volume model, Journal of Membrane Science, 525, 399-408, 2017
  • M. Yavari, T. Le, H. Lin, Physical aging of glassy perfluoropolymers in thin film composite membranes. Part I. Gas transport properties, Journal of Membrane Science, 525, 387-398, 2017
  • L. Zhu, M. Yavari, W. Jia, E. P. Furlani and H. Lin, Geometric Restriction of Gas Permeance in Ultrathin Film Composite Membranes Evaluated Using an Integrated Experimental and Modeling Approach, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 56 (1), 351-358, 2017

Students on this Project

  • Milad Yavari (PhD)
  • Lingxiang Zhu (PhD)
  • Hien Nguyen (PhD)
  • Weiguang Jia (MS)