Laser Chip Lithography-Patterned Nanomembranes for Wastewater Treatment

Haiqing Lin Membrane Research Lab

Surface patterned membranes with enhanced antifouling properties

The goal of this project is to develop a portable, low-cost and energy-efficient nanomembrane patterning scheme, using a laser-chip “stamp”, to achieve excellent antifouling properties for wastewater recovery and reuse.


The laser-mode patterns will be transferred onto polymer surface by near-field enhanced light-matter interaction to create nanopatterns to reduce any favorable interactions between foulants and membrane surface, resulting in enhance antifouling properties. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Resulting Publications

  • S. Ramanan, N. Shahkaramipour, T. Tran, L. Zhu, S. Venna, A. Singh, C. Lim, P. Prasad and H. Lin, Self-cleaning membranes for water purification by co-deposition of photo-mobile 4,4’-azodianiline and bio-adhesive polydopamine, Submitted
  • N. Shahkaramipour, T. N. Tran, S. Ramanan, and H. Lin, Membranes with Surface‑Enhanced Antifouling Properties for Water Purification, Membranes, 7 (1), 13, 2017
  • T. Tran; S. Ramanan; and H. Lin, Synthesis of Hydrogels with Antifouling Properties as Membranes for Water Purification, J. Vis. Exp. 2017, 122, doi: 10.3791/55426.

Students on this Project

  • Thien Tran (PhD)
  • Nima Shahkaramipour (PhD)
  • Shabdiki Chaurasia (MS)
  • Sankara Ramanan (MS)