Solution Phase Synthesis and Application of Palladium and Palladium Alloy Nanowires

Swihart Research Group

SEM images of Palladium and Palladium alloys nanowires.

The Swihart research group investigates different approaches to synthesize palladium and palladium alloy nanowires.


Nanomaterials with at least one dimension not confined within nanoscale range are called 1D nanomaterials. We are working with palladium and palladium alloy nanowires synthesized using hydrothermal as well as three neck flask and tests their performance for hydrogen gas separation in a mixed matrix membrane. High aspect ratio palladium nanowires were synthesized using palladium chloride as a precursor and water as solvent. Branched palladium and palladium alloy nanowires were synthesized using polyol reduction of palladium nitrate salt and nitrate salts of other transition metals using PVP as reducing agent. nanowires We are also working on to try different application of these synthesized materials, like in hydrogen sensors or membrane reactor.

Students on this Project

  • Abhishek Kumar (PhD)
  • Yi Chen (MS)
  • Deqiang Yin (PhD, conferred September 2018)