Sorption Enhanced Mixed Matrix Membranes for H₂ Purification and CO₂ Capture

Haiqing Lin Lab

Sorption Enhanced Mixed Matrix Membranes for H2 Purification and CO2 Capture.

The goal of this project is to develop sorption enhanced mixed matrix membranes with H₂ permeance of 500 gas permeance units (gpu) and H₂/CO₂ selectivity of 30 at 150-200 °C. 


These membranes will be the central component in the design of membrane‑based systems for 90% capture of CO₂ from coal-derived syngas, with 95% CO₂ purity at a cost of electricity 30% less than baseline capture approaches. In this project, Pd nanoparticles are synthesized and dispersed in the polymer matrix to provide high H₂ solubility and permeability. This project is funded by the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Resulting Publications

  • L. X. Zhu, M. T. Swihart, H. Q. Lin, “Unprecedented size-sieving ability in polybenzimidazole doped with polyprotic acids for membrane H-2/CO2 separation”, Energy Environ. Sci. 11, 94-100 (2018). [Read here]
  • L. X. Zhu, M. T. Swihart, H. Q. Lin, “Tightening polybenzimidazole (PBI) nanostructure via chemical cross-linking for membrane H-2/CO2 separation”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5, 19914-19923 (2017). [Read here]

Students on this Project

  • Lingxiang Zhu (PhD)
  • Maryam Omidvar (PhD)
  • Hien Nguyen (PhD)
  • Liang Huang (Postdoc)