PGM-free Cathode Catalysts for Fuel Cells

Gang Wu Lab

Schematic of overall approach to promote the visibility of PGM-free Catalysts, from design to illumination.

Overall approach to promote the visibility of PGM-free Catalysts.

The primary approach is to develop novel atomic metal (e.g., Fe, Mn, Co, and Ni) single site catalyst embedded into highly porous and robust carbon matrix via newly developed metal-organic framework and polymer hydrogel methods. In next three years, UB will receive funding around $1.2 million for three projects.


As a long-term goal, platinum metal group (PGM)-free catalysts are highly desirable for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and electrolyzer with significantly reduced cost in a sustainable manner. To overcome current technical barriers including insufficient activity and stability, and high transport resistances in electrodes, U.S. DOE EERE Fuel Cell Technologies Office recently invested significant effort to promote the viability of PGM-free catalysts and ultimately meet the challenging performance targets for transportation and other applications. As one of leading research centers, Dr. Wu’s group at UB developed various catalyst approaches and participated into three new projects by collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Giner Inc, and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), respectively. 

Resulting Publications

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Students on this Project

  • Hanguang Zhang (PhD)
  • Zhi Qiao (PhD)
  • Yanghua He (PhD)
  • Shuo Ding (MS)
  • Qing Lan (MS)
  • Jingyun Wang (undergraduate)
  • Jing Xue (undergraduate)
  • Vyomika Sangwan (undergraduate)