Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students in chemical and biological engineering can gain research experience under the mentorship of our faculty members.

Student and instructor with infrared glasses viewing an image in the CBE materials characterization lab.

Participating in undergraduate research provides students with an inquiry-based learning opportunity and engages them as active learners in a laboratory setting.

Many of our faculty members work with students from university-wide programs, including:

If you are interested in doing undergraduate research, look at the research pages of the CBE faculty to get an idea of the types of research going on in the department. Then knock on the door of the faculty member(s) whose research matches with your interests, or write an email inquiring about possible projects.

Undergraduate research projects can be done at any time with the agreement of a CBE faculty member. If you register for CE 498 Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (3 credits), this course also satisfies the requirements for one CE Technical Elective. CE 498 credit may be given for student projects under certain other circumstances.

Research Outside the Department

Students can get CE 498 credit for undergraduate research mentored by a non-CBE faculty member if the project addresses chemical engineering science. Students considering such projects should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies with a description of the project before the start of the semester or summer in which the work will be carried out. The decision as to whether the project is suitable (i.e., has sufficient chemical engineering content) is decided by majority vote of the Undergraduate Committee.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Students can get credit for a summer REU done in the chemical engineering department of another university if they register for CE 498 at UB during the summer. Please contact Marlo Roetzer, Academic Coordinator, or David A. Kofke, Director of Undergraduate Studies for details of this process.