Advising and Registration

MAE offers academic advising and registration help to all MAE students.

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Potential Registration Issues

Pre-Requisite Missing

If you do not have the required pre-reqs, you cannot enroll in the course. There are no exceptions to this. If the course requires a co-req, that means you must be registering for this course at the same time, or have the course completed prior to registration. View the SEAS Course Prerequisite Policy.

  • If you have completed the required pre-requisite but are still unable to register, complete the Force Registration Form below, and upload proof of completion.
  • If you are enrolled in a pre-requisite at another institution (i.e., taking a summer course at ECC), complete the Force Registration Form below, and upload proof of registration.
  • If you are a non-MAE student trying to enroll in MAE courses, complete the Force Registration Form below and provide justification (i.e., Manufacturing minor, non-degree seeking student, etc.).

Course Closed

If the course is closed, that means there are no additional seats in the course. We are under strict fire marshal regulations regarding maximum capacity. If a course is closed, you will need to select another section. However, if there are no other options to choose from due to time conflicts, some courses may have additional seats on standby for this case. Fill out the Force Registration Form below if this is the case and we will check your schedule, and register you if it is both necessary and available. If a course is on a waitlist, we will not bump you up in front of other students.

Time Conflict

Time conflict errors occur when you are trying to enroll in two courses that are at the same time, which is not possible. You will need to select other options.


If you are repeating a course, you may need an advisor's permission to register. Make sure you review UB's Repeat Policy to decide if repeating the course makes sense for you. Fill out the Force Registration Form below and we will contact you about advisement.

Permission Required

If the course requires department permission, fill out the Force Registration Form below. If the course requires instructor permission, contact the instructor for help. 

Reminder: Any exceptions with regards to registration are taken seriously and reviewed by our accrediting agency, ABET. If you don't qualify based on these terms, we can't register you.

*NOTE: Students who are missing MAE 451 pre-reqs (MAE 381+340), but are on track to graduate before Fall 2019 can be force registered.

Force Registration Request - MAE classes only

If you need to be forced into an MAE course please completely fill out a Force Registration Request in the Force Registration App on the SEAS Portal. We are only able to force you in to MAE courses. For courses in other departments you must speak with the department offering the course for assistance. Submitting this form does not guarantee you will be registered into the course. You can expect to be contacted within 3 business days with an update regarding your request.