Micro-Credential in Quality Engineering

Badge for the the micro credential.

The Quality Engineering micro-credential serves the critical needs of students who are determined to pursue a career on improving quality of products and service in various industries, military and government agencies. All of these organizations, regardless of their business or operations, inevitably need quality improvement.

Quality Eingineering.

Who should apply?

Any ISE Graduate student that is interested in going to work in the industry. Having a micro-credential in Quality Engineering will significantly increase credibility and will train students to become leaders in the field. 

Program Requirements

Total three courses, 9 credits -

* Two core courses that are mandatory:

IE507 Design of Experiments - 3 cr. (Fall)

IE508 Quality Assurance - 3 cr. (Spring)

* One elective course - students can choose one from the two below:

IE509 Six Sigma - 3 cr. (Fall)

IE564 Lean Enterprise – 3 cr. (Spring) 

* An integrative report ("mini thesis") that unifies all course experience

Admission Requirements

The students should be admissible to our MSIE program or the ME program, with strong engineering background from a reputable undergraduate program. For international students, they should have their English test scores much above the university set standards, and their GRE scores should also be very good in comparison with other students in the graduate program.

The review of applications is continuous, there is no set deadline.  However, it is advisable that students get admitted and begin to work on the mini-thesis at least 3-4 weeks prior to graduation.

To learn more about micro-credentials and digital badges please visit the office of Micro-Credentials.