Agrusa Competition Submission Form

Submission Deadline

This year's Agrusa Competition submission deadline is September 30 at 23:59:59 EDT.


Requirement 1

A cover page, up to two pages, font size no smaller than 11,  listing:

a. Project title and a list of up to five keywords;

b. The lead CSE student's name, contact information, and degree program information (e.g., a sophomore in CS/CE, first-year CSE MS, fourth-year CSE PhD, etc.);

c. Each additional student team member's name, contact information, and degree program information;

d. Each faculty mentor's name, contact information, and affiliation.


Requirement 2

A one-page project summary (with a font size no smaller than 11) containing:

a. what the project has accomplished, in particular, describe the proof-of-concept system and/or solution the project has come up with;

b. why it is new and what challenges/obstacles your project team has overcome;

c. what are the significant technological and societal impacts;

d. what are the specific contributions of each student (i.e., who did what);

 e. a signed statement by all team members, including faculty mentor(s), that “There is an agreement in place on the use (or distribution) of the cash prize”; However, the agreement itself needs not to be submitted;

f. what is the project plan for the next step (e.g., any technology transfer and commercialization plans?).


Requirement 3

Attach up to five figures, screenshots, or photos, each with a brief caption, and a three-minute (or shorter) video clip.


Requirement 4

Two-page resumes of each student and faculty mentor.