UB Microsoft Teams

UBIT supports Microsoft Teams as a video communication option for groups or courses.

Instructional Support

For course-based Microsoft Teams, CIT recommends that you configure one master Microsoft Team for your course.  Then configure multiple channels within that Team; one for general advice that spans semesters, and one for each semester in which you offer the course.

Example, provided by Matt Helmbrecht for Alina Vereshchaka:

  1. Ask ubithelp@buffalo.edu to create a new general Microsoft Team for your course.  Request a descriptive name like:
    • CSE 446 Reinforcement Learning
    • CSE 446 Reinforcement Learning (Vereschchaka)
  2. Invite your TAs to join your general Microsoft Team.
  3. Configure channels within the general Microsoft Team to support general advice that spans all semesters as well as per-semester channels to support specific course instances.
    • General (Channel) - Set to only allow owners (yourself) to post
    • Fall 2021 (Channel) - Keep only yourself and this can serve as an archive
    • Spring 2022 (Channel) - Invite TAs