Suddha S. Talukdar

Suddha S. Talukdar.

Suddha S. Talukdar PhD 2004

IP Program Manager

Intel Corporation

Dr. Suddha Talukdar is a 2004 PhD graduate student from the Mark Swihart research group. His research focused on silicon nanoparticle formation during silane decomposition. He also earned his M.S. (2000)  and B.S.(1998) at UB. 

After graduation, he joined Intel Corporation as CAD Engineer in Process Technology Modeling. He is currently holding the position of IP program manager at Intel and is responsible for Hard/Soft IP integration for next-generation Intel SOC products.

For the 5th Annual CDSE Days 2019, Dr. Talukdar visited UB to speak with students about his career path and provide advice to  students about their future, especially in the computational engineering field.