George Kosanovich

“I was fortunate to learn from so many wonderful professors at UB CBE, but my favorites were Sol Weller, Ken Kiser and my adviser Harry Cullinan. My clothing looks different in the senior photo because I did not know it was photo day. I am wearing Ken Kiser’s jacket and tie".


George Kosanovich, BS 1966, PhD 1975

George Kosanovich is a member of one the original graduating classes of the UB CBE program in 1966. He joined Allied Chemical for two years before returning to UB for his MS and PhD in chemical engineering.

Most of George’s career was spent at Oxychem in the WNY area, (23 years), and then he moved to Montreal and became CEO for ARC Resins.

George then moved to Hancock, Michigan as president of Strandwood Corp. and in 2003 after a move to Phoenix, Arizona, he became a consultant to a Canadian wood baron, who became Syntec Biofuel in 2007. Since 2009, he worked in various start-ups companies such as AGI and, Diversified Energy, and is now CEO of Algae Nutrition International, seeking funding.

He is celebrating 50 years of marriage, retired, playing golf, and still playing full court basketball!