Student Excellence Applications

2020 Award applications are now open!

Click the button below to apply. Good luck to anyone who is applying!

The deadline to submit applications will be Friday, January 31, 2020. 


  1. Application: Please complete this application to the best of your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to apply to each award separately if desired. All short answer questions should be limited to approximately 500 characters.
  2. Letter of Recommendation: You will be asked to submit contact information for an individual who has agreed to write you a Letter of Recommendation for the award(s) you have applied for. We will contact your recommender upon receipt of your application. 


Chair's Award - All applicants will be considered for this award.

Intended to honor exceptional students in the department who demonstrate sustained excellence across a number of areas including academic, leadership, service, etc.

Undergraduate Researcher Award

Intended to honor students for their work as an undergraduate researcher in MAE.

Young Professional Award

Intended to honor students who have excelled in their early industry experiences. (i.e. internships or other professional experiences)

Humanitarian Award

Intended to honor students who have excelled in their community outreach, service, and engagement.

Distinguished Leadership Award

Intended to honor students who demonstrate significant leadership and influence on their peers toward achieving organizational goals.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Intended to honor students who promote a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion.