Vojislav Kalanovic

Vojislav Kalanovic.

Professor of Practice

Director of Engineering Science MS (Robotics) Program

Director of Robotics Minor

Contact Information

1006 Furnas Hall




PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University, 1991

Research Interests

Dr. Kalanovic is specialized in automatic controls and robotics. His research interests focus around intelligent control applications based on: Feedback Error Learning, Variable Structure Systems, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Space Distributed Modular Robotics, Robotic Path-Planning, Out of Axis 3D Printing, Mini-Factories, “First-Time-Right” Hierarchical Manufacturing Strategies, Additive Manufacturing, and Model Independent Control Strategies. 

Entrepreneurial Activities

  • Formed a leader company in modular robotic applications – Flexible Robotic Environment, LLC
  • Currently involved in following market segments: a) laser deposition, b) direct-write, c) 3D printing, d) material removal and polishing, e) robotic motion control software development, f) robotic path-planning
  • Directed efforts to successfully land DOD, DOE and retail customer contracts including:  Wal-Mart, Wright Paterson Air Force Base, Sandia National Laboratories, and Aerotech
  • Organized import/export activities to include: a) international IP regulations, b) labor exchange laws, c) supply chain formations, and d) export/import regulations​
  • Synchronized international activities and resources between Bicommerce, LLC, Electronic Design – Serbia, and Technosoft – Serbia
  • Negotiated and obtained a vendor status for A3200 Motion Server with Aerotech Inc.
  • Directed and negotiated acquisition of Robotic Systems Integrations, LLC
  • Organized sale teams for modular robotic solutions
  • Worked with 3M and Spartanfelt Inc. to successfully develop, sell, and market a new type of tooling for grinding and polishing of precious metals
  • Worked with 3M to successfully investigate and finally deploy the use of passive and active force-control tooling tables in precious metal material removal applications
  • Integrator for FANUC robotics
  • Integrator for PARKER
  • Integrator for AEROTECH
  • Solution partner for Solidworks 

Commercial Products on the Open Market

  1. VDK1000 -Jewelry Polishing and Material Removal System
  2. VDK2000 -Aircraft Substructure Drilling System
  3. VDK3000 -Laser Deposition System
  4. VDK4000 -Direct Write System
  5. VDK5000 -Ultrasound Inspection System
  6. VDK6000 -Robotic Cell for Metal 3D Printing and Metal Part Refurbishing
  7. VDK7000 -Out of Axes 5DOF 3D Printer
  8. MoDus-CAMTM   Robotic Path-Planning Software
  9. A4000-Hybrid Motion Platform
  10. A3200-Motion Server
  11. 3D Space Distributed Robotic Solution Concept in Modular Robotics - Flexible Robotic Environment (FRETM)

Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks

  • A4000 Hybrid Run-Time Motion Platform – Copyright Software
  • MoDusCAM Path Planning Application programming Interface -  Copyright Software
  • A4000 Hybrid Run-Time Motion Platform -  Provisional Patent
  • Flexible Robotic Environment,  MoDus-CAM  -  Trademarks
  • Positioning Apparatus And Method Incorporating Modular Gimbal Unit And Jewelry Processing System Incorporating The Positioning Apparatus
  • Control System And Method For Processing Jewelry And The Like